Momo’s Dream

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Set in the technique of ‘Schwarzes Theater’ the show tells the story of the time thieves and how MOMO and her friends manage to save the community from their evil plan.

In der Technik des Schwarzen Theater, erzahlt die Show about die Zeitdiebe und wie Momo und ihre Freunde es schaffen die Gemeinschaft von diesem teuflischen Plan zu schuetzen

The story deals with the value of time and the consequences of trying to ‘save’ time….

The piece is an adaption of the famous german story „Momo“ written byMichael Ende (also writer of the never ending story). It is staged in the form of Black Theatre and uses the tool of spezial lightening in combination with circus skills and physical theatre to create a visual experience of a different kind.

Momo is a child without time and background, who arrives in a small community. Grey men have started to buy the time of the communards and destroy their friendship and companionship. Momo with the help of the turtle Cassopeia travels backwards to meet the master of time. Will they be able to stop the grey men from their destructive mission?

Momo’s Dream is an interactive show, based on a workshop in physical theatre and Theatre of Illusion. The workshop is suited for young people 14+ .
Part of the group will be ,acting’ (though they will stay invisible during the show), whilst others will do the voiceovers life…. (reading from the script) ….

The concept is based on min 2 hours workshop every day for 5 days … + the showtimes

…. The show is suitable for young people from 10, but also will appeal to adults due to its visuality.

It has been my big wish to give this story to Ireland for a long time… Now due to resession, cut backs and Nama this story has more relevance than ever… and though it is adapted from a children’s story it is suitable for all ages.

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